How I got my start

I have been getting this question a lot, so I thought I would just make a blog entry that I could link to.

I have been interested in computers ever since my parents bought their Apple IIgs. My parents let me mess with it so long as I could set things back the way they were. There were some close calls, but I always got it working again.

I took computer programming classes my sophomore and junior years of high school. The one I took sophomore year taught QBasic and the one I took junior year taught Visual Basic (sort of, I was kind of left to my own that year). My QBasic class is where I created my first mod. QBasic came with a game called Gorillas. The game required 2 players to play. I modded it by removing all of the sound (so we could play during class) and also added a single player option. I had the computer player tuned so that it would usually beat you within 3 rounds.

Everything from then on has been self-taught. I learned how to build webpages using HTML, then later using PHP. I learned how to write some basic Lua by fixing my WoW addons when they broke and were no longer supported (or I was impatient for a fix from the author). I learned Lua more in-depth while modding for Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance. I am currently learning C++ by reading through the Demigod and Supreme Commander 2 source code and bug fixing it.

I have recently been reading some nice programming guides that were recommended to me that, I think, have improved my programming skills greatly. Not in the functionality department, but in the readability and structure department. My recent code just seems to look and read better.


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