Birth of a Demigod, part 2

This is the second of a multi-part series that I am writing to give people an idea of what actually goes into the creation of a demigod.

At this point, most of the work is in Shana's capable hands. She is responsible for editing the abilities so they are balanced and to make sure they function as advertised. She also makes sure that the abilities in work for that demigod. If any problems arise in functionality or if she wants an ability to work differently she lets me know so I can code in the necessary fixes or changes. She also re-organizes up the skill tree for each demigod.

During this process work has been getting done on each demigod's model and animations. After the models were completed, along with a few of the animations, it was my job to set up the animation state machine. The state machine tells the game what animation to play when the demigod performs certain actions like running, attacking, casting, and any special abilities the demigod possesses. The state machine also tells the game what sounds to play during those animations and at what point. It also houses information about model scale and meshes. Since we don't have sounds or meshes yet I comment that stuff out for now.

One the initial state machine is set up for each demigod and the animations check out my work on the new demigods is done for a little while, unless some ability bug crops up or something. Our modelers, animators, and artists continue to work on getting the animations finished an in the state machine and getting meshes done and in-game. Once an ability's animation is in-game the ability blueprint also has to be changed to reference that animation.

At this point sounds also start making it into the game. Sounds for things like getting hit and attacking. Also, some placeholders for VOs and such can also be added in. There also needs to be sounds for casting and sounds for each special ability.

After my short break once I had the state machines in place it was time to go back and add in the achievements for each of the new demigods. The achievement information for each demigod is stored in a file that tells the game the name of the achievement, which demigod's achievement it is, and the conditions for the achievement. I also had to alter some of the other demigod's achievements that required you to do something to every demigod in the game so that they referenced the new demigods as well. I also had to change the tracking system a bit so that it tracked things needed for the new achievements.

Once all of the animations are in place and the abilities are solid it is time for the effects guys to do their magic. We had two guys, Matt and Gordon, working on the effects for the two new Demigods. They made a competition out of it. They each took a demigod and did the best job they could with the effects and played against each other to show them off. Unfortunately, there was a problem with Demon Assassin's Warp Area ability, which I detailed in an earlier post, that caused the match to be a little one-sided. The good news is the effects turned out quite nice.

This is it for part 2. Part 3 to come soon.


EdWood said... / October 17, 2009 at 7:22 PM  

Thx, sounds very interesting. :)

You told us more than one time about Shana, now I want a picture. :) lol


mocafrost said... / October 18, 2009 at 5:24 PM  

I knew someone would go there:)

EdWood said... / October 20, 2009 at 11:11 PM  


and so far no comment from Sorian. lol

Ed :)

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