Birth of a Demigod, part 3

This is the third and final part of a multi-part series that I am writing to give people an idea of what actually goes into the creation of a demigod.

Once the animations are finalized and in-game (and just before effects go in) another pass needs to be done to make sure each demigod's abilities are timed to the animations. This involves scaling the animation to to fit the ability. For example, for Demon Assassins Spine Attack the animation had to be scaled so that Demon Assassin's tail was in the right position just as the cast time finished and the actual ability function started. The ability function also had to be changed so that the projectile was spawned into the game world at the tip of Demon Assassin's tail. This kind of scaling and adjusting has to be done for each ability to make sure everything looks right.

Next on the list is icons. We need icons for each unique ability the demigod possesses, an icon for the game lobby, an icon for the demigod chooser screen, and an icon for the in-game scoreboard. Each of these icons needs to be created, have alpha layers applied,and be converted to the proper format. After they are in the right location they need to be referenced in each demigod's blueprint so the game knows where to find them.

Once all the icons are in place and they are tested to be working we need to add each demigod's lobby movie. Each movie is essentially a scene rendering in either Maya or 3D Studio (not sure which was used) that has a transparent background. This rendering is then converted to a .bik file which is referenced in each demigod's blueprint. Each demigod also needs a victory movie.

Once that is all done, or mostly done, we book time with a voice actor to do the voice overs for each demigod. The sound studio is on the other side of the building, so I not sure how that process works exactly. I imagine the voice actor is given a script of phrases to speak into a microphone and an idea of what kind of voice we are going for. I'll see if I can get more info from our sound guy.

Lastly, we have a hefty amount of play testing to make sure the demigods play like they are supposed to. We have to insure that the abilities work right, that they are balanced, that their animations and effects work properly, and that sounds and such are firing off properly. We also have to get someone to translate all of the new strings so that we can localize them for foreign languages.

This is it for part 3 and the Birth of a Demigod series. I hope this gives you some insight into the amount of work that goes into making a demigod.


Sevenix said... / October 25, 2009 at 6:30 AM  

Thanks a lot for these 3 parts Sorian, I take it the demigods is atleast 2 more weeks away from release then, too bad since I cant wait to play them.
If you need any playtesting/logging done make sure to drop in at #demigod-live on the stardock irc, it's the pro demigod channel :P

Anyway been great reading what you write since the the start, looking forward to the next one.

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