Human pinball

Things have been hectic over the past month. I have gone from SupCom 2, to Demigod, back to SupCom 2, to Kings and Castles, and now I am back on SupCom 2 and an un-announced project at the same time. Very, very busy. It is nice to have a variety of things to do, but being on 2 projects at one time is crazy. I end up getting questions from both projects (and KnC) throughout the day and my brain has to lurch from one project to another to find the answer.

After working for GPG for nine and a half months, I have discovered that no matter how hard the assignment is, I love this job. Actually, I like the harder assignments (like getting ships to sink and leave wreckage) because it feels awesome when I finally finish and have it working.

Variety is also nice. I can sit and work on AI for months at a time, but bug fixing is draining. It is nice to get a break from tracking and fixing bugs to do something else. On the un-announced project I am focusing on UI work which is quite interesting. Most of my work so far has been prototype stuff, but now I am going to start focusing on building out organized systems for all of the UI features.

The time leading up to E3 was crazy. The frantic pace reminded me of milestone dates during the production of SupCom 2. If you haven't seen our E3 demo video, you can find it here: Not bad for 4 and a half months of production. I can't wait until we get more assets in place and I get to start working on the AI. Big plans, oh yes.

On the SupCom 2 front, patch 1.15 was released a little while back. After a lot of effort, skirmish save/load was finally put in place. Thankfully, this means putting skirmish save/load into KnC should be quite simple. We also got a couple of my pet issues fixed as well. 1) Replays stopping when a player leaves the game and 2) no version information in the replay file. There were also some minor AI changes. I wish I could give you some information about the upcoming changes, but alas, I cannot. You will just have to wait and see.