Week off

I never thought I would see my face in an issue of PC Gamer magazine, but its happened. The latest issue of PC Gamer UK features an article about the recent improvements to the Supreme Commander 2 AI and the amount of praise it received is astonishing. However, I can't take all the credit. If it weren't for Dru the AI wouldn't have existed in the first place. He was hard at work on the AI before I even started at GPG. The way Dru set up the core of the AI made it easy for me to make the necessary changes to take the AI to the next level. Dru truly deserves as much credit for the current state of the AI as I do.

I am currently on a well deserved, in my opinion, week off. My parents and 2 sisters are in town visiting for a couple of week and it has been a blast so far. This is the first time I have lived so far from the rest of my family, so getting a chance to see them has been great.

I will be back to work next week finishing up some stuff for Supreme Commander 2 and then going back to the un-announced project. Busy, busy, busy.