Getting close

In a little over a month Age of Empires: Online will be released to the world. This will mark the second shipped game to go on my resume in as many years. Many game developers spend that long, or longer, just getting one shipped game, so I feel very fortunate have had the opportunities I have had thus far.

The game is looking better and better every day. We have managed to clean up a lot of the code base which is making our tasks easier as time goes on. I haven't had much game play work to do on this project, which has been frustrating, but understandable given the nature of the project. There have been glimpses of my work on the few video blogs that are out, such as the Defense of Crete UI and the player trading UI. It is amazing the amount of work that goes into seemingly simple tasks.

Work has already started on the design and art side for the next civilization, while the programmers (such as myself) continue to work on bug fixing and new feature work. Fixing bugs in this engine has proven to be complicated and tiring, but that is probably because the engine was created by another company and is organized quite differently than the SupCom engine. It has taken quite a while to get used to.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, for this phase at least. With a game like this there really isn't an end date. Patches will continue to be released at regular intervals as well as new civilizations and other content. This project wont be truly over for some time yet.