Two weeks later

Age of Empires: Online has been out for two weeks now, but it doesn't feel like we have released at all. We are still working like we are still in production. We are working on the next civilization, the next booster, as well as working on improving features and bug fixes. The pace of work hasn't changed a bit.

AoE:O has been a huge success so far. The number of people playing the game is staggering. We had an office pool going for how many people would play in the first 24 hours after launch. Microsoft gave us their estimate and most guesses in the office were within that range. Nobody was even close.

The launch went very smoothly. There haven't been any huge game breaking bugs. There are, of course, some minor issues, but we are tackling those as quickly as possible. I wish I could share more detail about what is coming.

This project is quite different than Supreme Commander 2. Sure, we worked on it after launch, but not to this level. We are planning things and working on things you guys wont see for months. Even though the game has launched it still seems like we are in the production phase. Will take some getting used to.

Also, tomorrow is my two year anniversary at Gas Powered Games!