Coming up for air

Finally, I get some time to write on my blog again. I have been busy with family medical issues and constant Age of Empires: Online deadlines since October. Things on the home front are finally calming down, which gives me some free time for this.

Thankfully, (depending on how you look at it) there really hasn't been much to post about regarding Age of Empires: Online. I think the only thing that has happened is Skirmish Hall has been released. That was an interesting feature to work on. Lots of UI work and lots of figuring out how to get data from the UI to the scripting system. It also gave us in engineering a chance to really hammer out how we are going to do UI from now on.

Things are getting far more interesting lately. I am currently working on a new feature for Age that trumps anything feature for this game I have worked on previously. It is huge. Another engineer and I spent 3 days just going over what data we needed to store, where it needed to be stored, and what needed to be sent to the client. It will be really cool when it is all finished.

GDC prep has also been keeping me busy lately. If you haven't already heard, I am going to be speaking during the AI Summit and GDC 2012. Details can be found here: Off the Beaten Path: Non-Traditional Uses of AI. If you are going to be at GDC this year and happen to see, stop and say hi.

More cool stuff coming down the pipe. I hope to have more interesting things to write about here soon.


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