15 weeks at Uber

The last few months have been spent getting the many of the gameplay systems in place. The first step in that process was getting things like units and features (tress, rocks, wreckage, and the like) represented on the server and client. The client representations started as squares. Little squares for the tanks and big squares for the factories. These little squares eventually changed over to being full on models sliding around the screen and instead of just tanks and factories we had commanders, power generators, extractors, and other units.

The next thing I worked on was the economy system. My first implementation of the economy system was a TA style flow rate economy. After getting that working Jon had me change over to a new economy style. It is still a flow rate economy, but we are hoping it will be a little easier for new players to grasp while still staying true to the TA style economy fans enjoy. I was really excited to get the economy up and running because it felt like a real game for the first time.

Next on the long list of things to do was unit tasks like move, attack, and patrol. A task is not the same thing as an order, however. An order is what the player (or AI) tells a unit to do while a task is what actually makes the unit perform a function. That doesn't mean there will be a 1:1 ratio between orders and tasks. In fact, I expect there to be more than one task per order for most order types. For example, ordering a unit to build a metal extractor will start a build task. If the unit is not in range to build the extractor it will initiate a move task to get it within build range. Once the move task has finished moving the unit to within range the build task will take control again and start the build process. Patrol and assist orders can get quite a bit more complicated.